7 Ways Dealerships Can Drive Sales Online

  1. Facebook Marketing
    Facebook is still one of the most widely used social media platforms – and for very good reason. You can target your consumers with tailored ads, links to your website, and sponsored content. For car dealerships, this could create a broader network of customers thanks to your existing client base sharing, liking and commenting on your content.
  2. Twitter Updates
    Unlike Facebook that relies on longer, more detailed posts to drive traffic, Twitter is a one-stop news and events platform that keeps your audience updated on your sales, events and news. Have a vehicle auction coming up? Tweet about it! More often than not, your audience will remember those short bits of information instead of simply scrolling past.
  3. The Power of Instagram
    Instagram might just be the best platform to target new and young drivers. You can create a narrative for your brand that’s transparent, engaging and customer-centric. While you might not sell thousands of cars through Instagram, you can build a reliable and interested audience that’s more likely to come to your dealership than your competitors’.
  4. YouTube Videos
    Video marketing has and always will be a highly effective way of getting your brand’s message across. This is because it doesn’t require your readers or followers to focus for extended periods of time. A vehicle review of a new model could make an incredible impact on a customer that isn’t quite sure about your brand yet. Having high-quality videos and content shows that you not only care about vehicle sales, but you also care about keeping your clients and followers engaged and informed.
  5. Use High-Quality Imagery
    Nothing puts a potential customer off faster than low-quality and shoddy photography. You could have fantastic products and customer services, but if the photos you show on your website or social media aren’t up to par, you could be losing out on dozens of potential buyers. Remember, for many of these customers, your online presence is the only interaction that they’ve had with you.
  6. Create a Dialogue with Your Clients
    Allow your customers to not only read or view your content but also interact and engage with it. They should be able to share, review, and critique the content that you share. This lets them know that you’re not simply pushing a product, but actually opening the door for feedback and conversation between you and your valued customers.
  7. Take Reviews to Heart
    People care about what others think. Word of mouse could make or break your brand. Positive reviews from customers create a sense of authority and trust, whereas negative reviews could turn away the majority of your business. Even negative publicity could be valuable if you can show that you’re willing to resolve issues, apologise or rectify any problems you encounter.

If you want to find out more about how you can market your dealership online, feel free to reach out to us at Mobility-Online or Silver Fox Digital Disrupt. We look forward to working with you.

buying a car online through cars2sell.co.za

What Sets Mobility-Online Apart

Innovation in Motion

Mobility-Online is more than just a vehicle buying and selling platform – it’s a complete virtual solution to all your motoring needs. It’s a sprawling digital network of reputable car dealerships, service providers and potential clients.

We want to make your car buying process as simple and hassle-free as possible, which is why our platform lets you search for thousands of new and pre-owned cars near you that suit your lifestyle.

Browse our digital showroom to find cars for sale in South Africa, or take a look at some of the incredible services we provide. Whether you need finance and insurance advice, vehicle servicing or roadside assistance, we’re ready to help.

Exceptional Services

We pride ourselves on our professional automotive services because we know that we give our clients our all every time. You are our first priority, which is why you can rest assured knowing that you’re working with a reputable and trustworthy team. Here are some of the services we offer at Mobility-Online:

New & Used Vehicle Sales

Buy or sell your car online by using our platform. We’ll help you through the entire transaction process.

Vehicle Finance

Let us help you take care of your car by providing you with high-quality car servicing and affordable body repair.

Service & Body Repair

Let us help you take care of your car by providing you with high-quality car servicing and affordable body repair.

Vehicle Rental

Rent a car when you need it by taking a look at our car rental page. We’ll guide you through the process and requirements for renting a car in South Africa.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, give us a call and our 24-hour roadside assistance will be there as soon as possible.

Concierge Services

A range of luxury concierge services are available to our registered users at the push of a button.

Complete Transparency

We want you to be a part of every aspect of our business processes because we want you to feel involved and informed. Transparency and honesty are the cornerstones of our brand, but we don’t want you to take our word for it.

Contact us today to talk to one of our sales representatives about which services would suit your unique dealership or brand.

Vehicle Pricing After Lockdown: What to Expect

Vehicle Pricing After Lockdown: What to Expect

The nationwide lockdown has had an effect on virtually every industry in our country. How will it affect the automotive industry? Read on to see what we predict for the coming year and how we answer some of your burning questions about the effect COVID-19 will have on the automotive industry.

Will I still be able to buy a car?

The good news is that you will still be able to buy a car during the lockdown. In fact, the car buying process remains virtually unchanged up until the point of delivery. In this situation, your new car will be stored at the dealership until their doors are opened again and the lockdown has been lifted. You will also unfortunately not be able to test-drive your car before buying it, but that being said, most dealerships have a virtual or digital showroom where you can view the reviews, specs and details of your car.

Will cars be more or less expensive than before?

This question is a bit harder to answer with certainty than the last. Experts have mixed opinions on what the aftermath of COVID-19 will mean for car sales. Some think that we will be seeing a spike in car prices, while others think that this is the perfect time to purchase a new car thanks to lower prices and better incentives.

There could be a potential shortage in the supply chain due to the mass shutdown of manufacturing plants and the slowing of production. Many factories and manufacturers are not prepared to face a slowdown in production. This means that car prices heavily depend on the sourcing and production of parts and vehicles. Many automotive brands have resorted to air freight instead of ships to import and export parts and vehicles, which is much more costly and could contribute to the rise of vehicle costs. While it may still be too early to judge, we are holding out hope that the automotive industry will work to keep car costs reasonable.

Will fuel prices rise because of the virus?

The recent price drop of fuel has been quite a relief for essential workers who still need to commute to and from work. However, experts warn that this might only be temporary and that we could see a massive spike in fuel costs as soon as covid-19 epidemic is under control.  Efficient Group economist, Dawie Rood, explains that “[the] moment the virus epidemic is back under control and the Chinese economy springs back into action, the price of crude oil will spike and we will see massive fuel price hikes in South Africa.”

Our prediction for 2020

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s still too early to know exactly what the impact of COVID-19 will be on the automotive industry, but we remain hopeful. Despite the prediction that vehicle sales will decline and production will slow, we know that we will find solutions to deal with and eventually overcome this difficult time.

The Mobility-Online KPI Dashboard

The Mobility-Online KPI Dashboard

The Mobility Team provides your business with a KPI Dashboard that helps you optimise your business on a daily basis. One of the key focuses of our KPI Dashboard is to show you how much you are spending per vehicle on a daily basis before there is an active buyer.

Why You Should Use It

A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard helps you focus on making money and not on the units you’ve sold. Used vehicles should be sold within 120 days. If you don’t manage this properly, you lose profit opportunities and it can cost you money where you should be making money. You can establish the exact impact of this lost opportunity by dividing the actual number of days a vehicle has been in stock by your stock turn and then multiply this by your average profit.

Our KPI Dashboard includes 5 different calculators. These are:

  1. Dealer

Use this as a tool to determine your actual profit from each individual sale. Remember that the higher the net profit % sales, the better your business is at actually converting daily sales into profit.

  • New Vehicle

This can be an important KPI because there are manufacturers that spend an enormous amount of money per year building their brand through marketing and advertising. If you have a new vehicle department, the execution of your advertising and marketing plans should be carefully managed and implemented by calculating the advertising cost of new vehicles.

  • Used Vehicle

Calculate the average gross profit per unit retailed. Used vehicles can cost a business an immense amount of heartache and money, so make sure you understand the process.

  • Service Calculator

This calculates the number of retail hours sold per retails job by dividing the total retail hours sold by the number of job cards in the retail sector

  • Parts Calculator

This is the invoice value of the parts sold minus the cost of sales to purchase the parts. Generally, this is expressed as a monetary value or as a percentage.

We hope that you feel more informed about our KPI dashboard after this article. We encourage you to make use of it to streamline and simplify the way you manage your business and brand. If you have any questions about our KPI dashboard, please reach out to us and we’ll have one of our sales representatives contact you as soon as possible.

Volvo bucks the trend in the premium sector


Volvo Car South Africa

Press Release


Release date: 7 April 2020

Volvo bucks the trend in the premium sector

Volvo Car South Africa has closed their first quarter on a high, bucking the trend that has seen the sales of all other premium car companies plummet.

In the first three months of 2020, Volvo grew sales by 16%. All other premium manufacturers registered declines, which varied from -2 to -38%. The total passenger car market declined by 6% during this period while the premium segment declined by 18%.

While its sales grew in the first quarter, Volvo has also grown its share of segment. “In March, we achieved an 11.9% share of segment and, for quarter one, it was 10.7%. This compares to 7.7% in 2019,” reveals Greg Maruszewski, managing director of Volvo Car South Africa.

The two star performers in the Volvo range within South Africa are the XC40 and the XC60, which account for a whopping 80% of total sales. “Volvo’s first-ever compact sports utility vehicle (SUV), the XC40 perfectly showcases the bold new direction Volvo is taking, and brings class-leading connectivity, semi-autonomous drive technology and innovative storage solutions to the premium compact SUV segment.

“The XC60, on the other hand, impresses with its design, cabin comfort, practicality, infotainment, drivetrain, ride and handling, safety features, reliability and build quality. Both of these vehicles have won many awards the world over – and South African motorists appear to agree that they are exceptional vehicles,” says Maruszewski.

The S90 and XC90 also contributed to Volvo’s sales successes. “Customers really like the S90’s magnificent exterior, clean yet functional Scandinavian interior, exemplary safety features and economical yet powerful powertrain. The XC90, on the other hand, is finding favour thanks to its stylish exterior, spacious yet luxurious interior, smart connectivity features and range of engines (which includes the T8 Twin Engine model, which is capable of zero-emissions travel),” Maruszewski notes.

Like most other companies in South Africa, Volvo Car South Africa moved all the staff to work from home (the company opted to self-isolate employees two weeks in advance of the lockdown). This didn’t stop the team from toasting the company’s success in the first quarter of 2020; the team held a virtual celebration on Zoom.

ENDS – Motorpress

The Difference Between Your Online Business and Your Online Reputation

The Difference Between Your Online Business and Your Online Reputation

Your online presence could make or break your business – especially during times where you’re relying heavily on your online income to carry your through for a few weeks. What is the difference between your online business and your online reputation? Is there even a difference at all? Read on to find out how these two concepts differ.

Your Online Reputation

You could have one of the most incredible services or products in the world, but if your online reputation isn’t up to par, your online business might not make it. Your reputation depends on how you interact with your clients online, the kind of content you share with your audience and the way that you handle feedback or criticism. The best way to build a great online reputation is by:

Sharing high-quality content. Quality over quantity is the phrase of the day. You could be sharing hundreds of posts but if you’re not actively trying to engage your audience, they will all fall flat and your time and effort would have been for nothing.

Apply feedback. If your audience reaches out to you with feedback, apply it as soon as possible and make sure that they know about it. If, for example, you receive a bad review online, respond to it politely and explain how you intend to remedy the problem.

Create a dialogue. We know that we sound like a broken record at this point, but creating an open line of communication with your audience is paramount – especially if your business is online.

Your Online Business

Your online business consists of your products or services that you advertise online, your customer service, and your website – all the online things that keep your business running and turning a profit. You should have measures in place to make sure that all aspects of your online business are managed well, user-friendly and up to date. This is the mind behind the face of your business – the thing that makes the wheels turn and drives your brand forward. There are ways to ensure that your online business is a success.

Have a great online reputation. This is important because word of mouse travels faster than your product. Make sure that your reputation precedes you in a good way to inspire confidence in your audience.

Trust in your product. You should always trust in the product or service that you offer. If you don’t, your clients definitely won’t either. Having your business online makes it even harder to show your clients that you’re trustworthy and honest. The best way to prove it is to show how you’ve delivered or helped clients in the past.

Never stop working. We don’t mean that you should lose sleep over your business – we mean that you should always be working on improving your online business, whether this is by reaching out to past clients, updating your website or consistently sharing and creating quality content. 

How to Connect with Customers Online

How to Connect with Customers Online

In a world where we’re all connected in some way, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make those connections meaningful. As a small online business, you need to share content and connect with customers in a way that sets you apart from the rest of the pack.

Your audience is most probably actively avoiding the drone of hundreds of brands constantly trying to push a product online. They’re under a never-ending onslaught of advertising, sponsored posts, branding and marketing. How do you make sure that your brand’s voice is heard over the roar? You do it by following these tips:

Be Active.

Quality over quantity is a great guide to not overwhelming your audience with a mountain of posts that are all advertising the same thing. Keep in mind, however, that you can’t only post one Instagram image and expect to grow an engaged audience. The best advice we can give a growing brand is to find your niche on social media and play in that space. Follow and engage with other creators or businesses, use the right hashtags or tags and measure your analytics on the daily.

Be Real.

We all know that it’s so easy to only show the good side of things online. We recommend showing the hard work behind your projects, not just the finished product. Show the real side of your business to your audience. This shows that you’re not only transparent, but that you also want your audience to be involved in what goes on behind the scenes.  Show the real people and team members behind your brand so that your audience knows that they’re dealing with people who are just like them.

Be Professional.

Just because you’re conducting business online, doesn’t mean that you don’t need professionalism. Every single piece of content that you share should be free of errors, be professional and be polite. Treat your audience with respect. This also means respecting their privacy and not constantly reaching out to them outside of business hours. There is no quicker way to alienate your audience than by treating them like they’re simply a source of revenue for your business.  

How to Store Your Car During Lockdown

How to Store Your Car During Lockdown

Unless you’re an essential worker during this difficult time, your car is probably going to be sitting in the garage (or in your yard) for quite some time. We’re here to answer any questions you have regarding how to store your car during South Africa’s COVID-19 lockdown.

Where should I park my car?

The best place to leave your car for a significant amount of time is in a garage. Parking it under cover is fine as well but your car would be more exposed to the elements. If you can’t do either of those things, try and park your car where it gets a bit of shade during the heat of the day. Avoid parking near trees or shrubs that drop leaves or sap.

Will my battery die if I don’t run my car?

Your battery, if it wasn’t too old when you parked your car, won’t die in just a few weeks. If you are worried about this, you can connect a battery tender to maintain an equal state of charge. If not, jump starting your car only takes a few minutes and you’ll be good to go again.

Will the fuel go bad?

No! A few weeks isn’t long enough for fuel to go bad. Again, if you are worried about it and you know that your car will be standing still for months on end, you can add a fuel stabilizer and change your oil.

What else should I do to take care of my car during lockdown?

If you live in a more rural area or your car is parked outside, you can regularly check for wild animals nesting in or around your car. Squirrels, cats and mice love the nooks and crannies of cars and are prone to making their homes there when you’re not driving. You can also wash your car once a week to keep it clean and to give yourself something to do to avoid lockdown fever!

Other than that, the best thing you can do is to be patient and try to have some peace of mind. Your car will be perfectly fine, even if it isn’t used for a few weeks. We encourage you to stay home and be safe, and we’ll see you on the roads again in no time!

When Buying A Vehicle – Observe the Brand Behaviour of the People you dealing with.

Brand behaviour is normally demonstrated by the employees you as the customer must deal with, they are responsible for bringing the brand you are interested in life through their actions and convictions. As so-called ambassadors, employees have very high credibility and normally their behaviour is impressed on you as the customer, business partner, friends and acquaintances as the essence of the particular brand image – when the Behaviour and Arrogance of an employee Superceeds the Brand – take note-for this is not a short term relationship – you will during the ownership of your vehicle have to deal with the people representing a specific brand.

therefore – It is important when you are planning to buy a new or a pre-owned vehicle that you do your research and determine if you are comfortable with the Brand identity and their way of doing business.

In My Mind there is no bad Vehicle on the road – it’s all about the aftersales service and value for money – Yes Status is important for some of us and if you can afford it why not. But Most important before you get emotional about a purchase consider the following:

  • Safety of the Vehicle.
  • Maintenance and support.
  • Driving Comfort.
  • How Much time are you going to spend in your car on a daily basis?
  • The Overall Network of the brand -especially if you are travelling long distances.
  • If the Arrogance of the Staff Supersedes the Arrogance of the Brand – You might have an unpleasant journey with special reference if you need to go back to the dealer with a technical problem.
  • The honesty of the sales executive.Courteous Conduct of the staff.
  • Ask them for their Customer service Ratings – This is very important for future relationships.
Freedom - make the right Decisions

The future is green, says Volvo

The future is green, says Volvo
Beautiful ceremony honours plug-in hybrid

On Sunday, March 1, South Africa’s elite attended the Veuve Clicquot Polo Series Invitational held at Val de Vie Estate in Paarl. The chic event also presented an opportunity to celebrate the fourth birthday of the arrival of the luxurious Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid (PHEV) in South Africa.

The Veuve Clicquot Polo Series Invitational was hosted by the glamorous Nomzamo Mbatha and attended by celebrities, business figures, socialites and some of the country’s best polo players. Guests enjoyed Veuve Clicquot on tap and danced to music by Shekinah.

Luxury Swedish car brand and Val de Vie’s official vehicle partner, Volvo entertained guests with unique light installation aimed to encourage guests to “take the first step” towards making the planet more sustainable.

Toward the end of the afternoon, the company invited guests to contemplate the importance of green initiatives with them by means of a beautifully crafted ceremony.

Prominent Cape Town-based ballerina, Katherine Anderson, was seen dancing through the assembled guests, inviting all to exit onto the splendid patio. There, to the accompaniment of music specially crafted around a recording of Volvo’s eco-inspired pledges, celebrity TV personalities and Volvo brand ambassadors Jessica Nkosi and Thapelo Mokoena arrived chauffeured by two silent Volvo XC90 T8s driving in pure electric mode.

“In Sweden, there is a tradition that is enacted every afternoon where friends and loved ones join over something small to eat,” says Volvo’s head of marketing and communications, Charmagne Mavudzi. “It is a moment of self-reflection and connection. The Swedes call this special time fika.”

Still practised at Volvo’s headquarters in Sweden daily, guests were honoured to be led through their own fika moment. While enjoying spekboom-infused cinnamon buns created by SA’s own celebrity chef Rueben Riffel, guests were called to contemplate their roles in humanity’s new green challenge.

“There is no question that the environment in which we live is demanding a change from us,” notes Mavudzi. “How, in the presence of friends new and old, are we as individuals to participate in this process?”

Sporting an emissions output of only 49 g/km, a pure-electric range of up to 44km and having been voted 2019’s Best Electrified Seven-Seater at the Driving Electric Awards, the Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine PHEV is tangible proof of Volvo’s go-green message. “This message is being welcomed with open arms, both locally and across the world, by eco-aware motorists,” concludes Mavudzi.( Ref:https://motorpress.co.za/articles/!/the-future-is-green-says-volvo-2https://motorpress.co.za/articles/!/the-future-is-green-says-volvo-2)

All content and Images supplied By Volvo and Motorpress

Penta Motor Group & the Emerald Speed festival 29 February – 1 March 2020

In December 2019, The Penta Motor Group acquired a purposed built Nissan GT-R race car which was supported by Nissan SA in previous years. Although the car was still fully street legal and featuring the GT-R standard Instrument Panel and interior elements it had the abilities to be a pure bred race car.

However, no one had actually seen this car perform or knew it’s capabilities but there was something special about it…we decided to approach Reghard Roets to be our driver of choice since he was already synonymous with GT-R being a three time King of the Hill champion at the Simola Hillclimb in Knysna.

The latest & newest event on the SA sporting calendar would be our proving grounds, Reghard received an open entry from the Emerald Speed Festival organisers and this would be the ideal opportunity to introduce the underdog and probably one of the most talented drivers SA has to offer.

Our tuning partner NXGEN prepared the vehicle enabling it to run at prime performance, the car was initially built by FAST Developments (Fast Freddie) which was an amazing platform to work from.

Friday the 29th of February would be the first day these two would meet…a relatively unknown car with super experienced driver could have gone either way at this point. Reghard couldn’t really find his feet between Friday and Saturday due to various factors like launch control issues, rain, etc. However, both car and driver came to the party on Sunday morning fully prepared to cause what would be the biggest upset the SA Motorsport fraternity has seen this year.

To set the scene, here is some cold hard facts:
• Reghard drove the car for the very first time on Friday, day one of the Emerald Speed festival
• This GT3 GT-R is still a street legal road going car with some standard GT-R interior features
• NO tyre warmers were used except the Michelin Hillclimb Super Soft slick tyres

Reghard alongside Franco Scribante in his GT-R called the “Sheriff” and Pieter Zeelie in his MR2 dominated from session 1 on Sunday trading places between 1st, 2nd and 3rd which lined them up for the most important run…the “Master of the Mile” which would be the ultimate prize for these contenders.

After quite a long time waiting since the last and 3rd session, the final list was drawn and the top 10 competitors would start from the slowest to fastest leaving Reghard till 2nd last to complete his final run for the day. The anticipation was suicidal since the car experience some power loss in the three previous runs although he still posted some of the quickest times. To everyone’s surprise Reghard posted a 33.869s on the 1.6km track which was the quickest time of the weekend and no other competitor could come close which at the end gave him the title: “Master of the Mile”.

In conclusion…the Penta Motor Group took a calculated risk which paid diffident beyond our expectation. Reghard gave us exactly what we wanted, the GT3 GT-R still has loads left in its abilities. We will be at Simola Hillclimb, bigger, better, faster and louder as only the Pentonians can do. Watch this space… #ThePentaExperience

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors & partners whom help us achieve this amazing result:
• NXGEN Performance
• XPELTM South Africa
• OPUS Camper South Africa
• EZAIR Air conditioning
• EFC (Electronic Fitment Centre)
• PentaSure
• Motul South Africa
• 24/7 Race Fuels
• Race Day TV
• Ink Monkey
• Wat Swaai Jy

PENTA GROUP -LEADER in Customer Service and And Vehicle Sales - they Manage Several branches and the team is absolutely committed to their brand and offer full transparency with every vehicle.
This will soon be the new home
of the domain:

Reference and credit of Article https://motorpress.co.za/images/421190?article=8309https://motorpress.co.za/images/421190?article=8309

the Mobility- Online Team has had the opportunity to meet with the senior management of this group – they are dynamic young and have a clear vision where they are going with the current brands they offer in South Africa. Some of our staff had the pleasure to purchase and deal with them when buying a vehicle and we can certainly recommend them if you are in need of a new and used vehicle.

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